The Osiris Family Institute was formed to provide the extended and ongoing family support and information needed in creating the type of home climate and environment that is conducive to positive and productive intergenerational relationships, personal growth, child rearing & learning.

Family therapy in Boston by The Osiris Family Institute

Osiris Family Institute’s 10 Mission Tenants


  • The purpose for the creation of the Osiris Family Institute is to give the parent and child the support and information needed in creating the type of home climate and environment that is conducive to positive and productive child rearing & learning on their own.
  • The parent has the sole discretion on referring disruptive child to the Osiris Family Institute.
  • The Osiris Family Institute's primary focus is on keeping the child focused on developing their world view.
  • The Osiris Family Institute eliminates the need for removal of the child from the home by putting into place a parent\child learning process to help them develop a healthy world view on their own.
  • The Osiris Family Institute works on all child populations across income, age, race and special need.
  • The Osiris Family Institute prevents educators and parents from becoming adversaries.
  • The Osiris Family Institute does not use physical intervention methods.
  • The Osiris Family Institute does acquaint/reacquaint the child to the academic work ethic.
  • The Osiris Family Institute staff teaches corrective child behavior, routines, language and acceptable home behavior.
  • The Osiris Family Institute model works because it makes both the parent and the child responsible for both their worldview and their resulting behavior.

Unpacking Mental Health Therapy


Mental health care plays a crucial role in addressing stress, anxiety, and other psychological conditions. It aids individuals in comprehending their emotional challenges and acquiring coping mechanisms to navigate them effectively. At the Osiris Family Institute, we prioritize providing top-tier treatment within a supportive environment conducive to healing.


Our array of mental health services is tailored to suit your specific needs, including:


  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)


These therapeutic modalities, collectively known as psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy,’ empower individuals to address and overcome mental health obstacles. Whether you seek group sessions or personalized counseling, our team can provide support and guidance. Additionally, we provide specialized mental health treatment programs such as our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).